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Simple & Clean uninstall tool for android, you can remove single or multiple application on a single tap!!!Simply Uninstall is a lightweight application that can quickly uninstall application from your android phone.#Feature• Requires no special permissions.• No annoying AdMob adverts• Dual Display Mode : List & Grid• Fast uninstall by one click• Batch uninstall• Search app by name• Sort application by Name, Installation Date and by Size• Support Android 2.x/3.x/4.x• Select all application by single click#DescriptionSimply Uninstaller is a very small, lightweight and clean tool to uninstall application for android phones. It is very easy to use, you can select single or multiple application that you want to uninstall, and click "Uninstall Selected button to uninstall them."Simply Uninstaller supports app search & sorting. Your can search any app by just typing keyword in the SearchBox on the top to search the app that you want to uninstall. You can sort application by Clicking Sort menu on the top bar.The things which make Simply Uninstaller different is its Simplicity. Simply Uninstaller is not a bulky app. You can just start using it right after installing it. Its so simple and also it has a very neat and clean look. It also have a very less memory footprints.If you face any problem, please send feedback to us to get help before rating application lowAPP BACKUP, RESTORE AND MORE FEATURES COMING SOON. Donate to support this application and future improvements. You can donate by purchasing the 'Donate' version of SimplyUninstaller.You can check Simply Uninstaller review here :,310269/#KEYWORDSUNINSTALLER, REMOVER, APPLICATION UNINSTALLER, APPLICATION REMOVER, APPLICATION CLEANER, APP DELETE, APP UNINSTALLER, UNINSTALL, REMOVE, CLEAN, DELETE


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