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“Great Slideshow and Slidemaker,very easy to use” –Niel Tyson
“Create beautiful slides from images and add zing to it ” – The Android Team
“Create,save and share great videos from images and pictures” –
Slide Maker is a slideshow creator. It can be used to create slideshows, ecards, greetings and presentations using images, videos and music.
You can add cool animation and decorative text. Once created, You can save your slideshow as or post it directly on facebook,google plus etc. You can also embed it or have a permalink for it!
You can add video, add pic, add image, edit video, edit image, create animation, make ecard, make birthday card, make custom greeting card using SlideMaker.
I also allows you to make movie, make film, create photo album, create video album, add slides and add mp3 to your slideshow.
Moreover, you can make
2)Make presentation
3)Add caption,
4) Save file share on facebook etc,, embed, create links, create permalink, upload to facebook etc.
Several themes can be added. You can add hearts theme,add balloons theme,add snowfall theme and change colors using SlideMaker.
All in all Slidemaker is image editor, video editor and animation creator.
Also remember to check out our other games, puzzles and apps.
You can even share on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. We keep adding new version, so look forward to our updates and keep enjoying the game and please keep emailing us with any questions or feedback!


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