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Update :We have noted your feedback and can confirm that the Favourites feature will be available soon. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience and look out for the next update In addition to real-time traffic information, this free application includes a new connected guidance feature.Benefit from being able to track your position and enjoy simplified guidance thanks to hazard warnings and displays of speed limits and your current driving speed… enabling you to drive with peace of mind.MICHELIN Navigation is a navigation system with simple, relaxing and safe ergonomics:• Schematic and uncluttered presentation • Simple direction instructions• Hazard warnings and traffic incidents (roadworks, tailbacks…)• Integration of traffic impact on your travel times• Automatic route calculation• Continuous display of speed limits• Visual warnings for excessive speedThe application in detail:- Traffic information coverage:France, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey. - Speed camera coverage: France, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands.- Directions: directions from two sources: - Directions supplied by our content provider and corresponding to roadsigns featured on the major road network- Calculated directions: content calculated by MTP using algorithms used to determine directions on roads of lesser significance. - Connected guidance: a mode of online navigation with no requirement to download maps. Please be advised to check that use of the application is compatible with your data plan. Take advantage of the expertise of MICHELIN in the provision of real-time content and mapping to experience a new approach to navigation !MICHELIN Navigation is an application of a range of MICHELIN mobility apps, 6 interconnected applications that enable you to better monitor and manage your journeys.






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