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ResponseWare® is a response technology requiring a subscription service that allows students or meeting participants to use an Android™ device to respond to interactive polling questions that are presented during a class or meeting presentation. Through an Internet connection, ResponseWare sends user responses to the presenter’s presentation and group response can be displayed in real-time.ResponseWare functionality may be limited by phone model or operating system. For an alternate solution, please visit to use the browser-based version of ResponseWare.ResponseWare is an ideal tool for presenters to engage their audience and assess their comprehension. Based on results, presenters can then adjust content to better meet the needs of their audience. Responses can be tracked by individuals for later reporting and point values can also be assigned.FEATURES/FUNCTIONS of ResponseWare - Interactive questions and response options are sent to user's screen when presenter opens polling.- When polling is closed, screen displays aggregate group response with the user response color-coded. User can toggle between percentage or actual count.- Users can view previous questions and responses from current session.- Ability to send text-based responses.- Ability to send presenter text messages to communicate questions or concerns.SUBSCRIPTION MODELResponseWare requires an additional subscription service in order to connect to interactive presentation sessions. Subscriptions are offered in a variety of models based on the organization needs and environment.- University and Company Subscription – If the school, company or organization purchases ResponseWare Concurrent User Licensing (Maximum number of participants/students responding at any one time) there is no subscription charge to the ResponseWare end user.- Student Subscriptions –Students not covered under a ResponseWare Concurrent User License by their university or college can purchase an individual subscription license either from the bookstore or the Turning Technologies' ecommerce site.- Rental Event Subscriptions – Short term rental subscription is available for events.To learn more about interactive polling and ResponseWare, visit www.TurningTechnologies.comPRESENTER REQUIREMENTS:In order to receive interactive responses from your students or meeting participants, presenters must download one of Turning Technologies' polling software solutions – TurningPoint or TurningPoint AnyWhere (PC or Mac OS) - for authoring/presenting. Various options are available to support any teaching or presentation style as well as environment.
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