Bike Attack Race : Stunt Rider

Bike Attack Race : Stunt Rider

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Are you ready to bike racing consisting of the closest to the real physics bike? Race and stunt the bike through a never ending exciting road adventure with 10 amazing bikes. Fight with other bikes by kicking and punching on their bike so that their attention from the race deviates. Tilt the phone left right to move bike left right. Perform exciting stunts to get bonus cash. Satisfy your passion towards race. Earn cash by winning the races. Buy new exciting Bikes from the store. This 3D Bike racing game consisting of four different levels or modes, Time Trial, Time Attack, Knockout and Endless.Time TrialIn this level, become checkpoint champion by clearing 8 checkpoints in specific time period. Shootdown opponent Bikes by kick and punch and fight but avoid from different hurdles, Cars, Vehicles and gangsters coming towards you. Smash the criminals and gangsters going away from you.Time AttackIn this furious level, player has to smash and hit 15 gangsters in 3 minutes fastly in racing streets.Knockout RaceIn this mode, the street warrior has to survive 6 death defying trials in which player have to dough different number of cars and avoid the gangsters on the way.Endless RaceIn this Death Racing Mode, fulfill your fever and passion of death racing and stunt actions but survive yourself as long you can. Take delight in the thrill of riding your bike at insane speed through lush and busy city environments!How to Play:- Tilt your device to control the bike- Tap Kick and Punch button to fall down your opponent Bikes- Collect different Pickups of Boost, Stunts and Power- Smash gangsters going away from you- Avoid from different obstacles and vehicles, gangsters coming towards you and gangsters with bike- Race as many as you can to earn cash.Features:- Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and amazing environment of highway.- Real Bike movement.- Different amazing heavy sports and chopper Bikes.- Superb Environment.- Support for HD phone devices and tablets.- Good quality sound effects.- User friendly GUI and controls.- Free Game Just Install and Enjoy..!


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