Tuenti Social Messenger

Tuenti Social Messenger

Now, in conversations, you’ll see a section with your most frequently called contacts so that you can find them faster and call them directly without having to search the contacts list first.
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This app is exactly what you need to enjoy the full .Tuenti experience, whether you are a customer or not. You’ll be able to call friends and family here or abroad, as well as call home when you’re out, using any cell phone or computer. You can also easily keep control of your usage.
> National and international calls: From the .Tuenti app you can call any landline number or national cell number in addition to numbers from 36 other countries with your VozDigital minutes. These calls don’t incur connection costs and they don’t use up your balance or data allowance. The person you’re calling doesn’t need to have the app installed either. You can also receive calls on the app even if you don’t have your .Tuenti SIM card with you, you just need to have an Internet connection. Log into your account from your mobile phone, tablet or computer and don’t miss a single call.
If you travel abroad, you can call from the app through a WiFi network to Spain or to another international destination with no extra charge.
> Free app-to-app calls: If you want to call another person who is also a user of the .Tuenti app, that call will be completely free.
> Your number is no longer only on your cell phone: Now your number and all your contacts go with you, wherever you are. Once you download the app, enter your .Tuenti account from any phone, computer or tablet and you’ll be able to call whoever you want, using your number. You’ll see all your contacts and you’ll also have a marker available so you can indicate the number you prefer, whether it’s a landline or cell. You’ll also find all your communications together in one place: In the same list, you will see the whole history of all your calls, text messages, chats, voice messages, and much more.
> Control of usage and other services: It’s very simple for .Tuenti clients to monitor what they’ve used with the app. Balance and data usage is updated in real time and can be consulted whenever you want. You can also review your history, change your contract, buy more data or VozDigital minutes, modify your information or order a copy of your SIM card, among many other options.
> We’re here for you: You can resolve your questions and get in touch with us directly using the app. Enter the ‘Help’ section to consult frequently asked questions, write us a message using the help form, or even chat to us. With our fully online support team, you can forget about having to call and wait to be attended to. Write to us using the chat box and we’ll get back to you straight away.
> Lots of ways to communicate: You can also chat, send SMS messages to friends who’ve not yet caught up with new technology, share moments and even choose your status using the app. This status gives you the option of indicating your availability to your contacts when they want to call or write to you, and you can even personalize the message they’ll hear on your voicemail.
> Use the app, limit-free: If you’re a .Tuenti client, navigating on our app won’t use data from your contract. You can make calls, consult your usage, manage any of your services, write to us, chat… Anything you want! This also applies even if you’ve used up all your data.
> If you have any problems with the app, get in touch with us by completing this form: https://tuentimovil.zendesk.com/account/dropboxes/20275373#/dropbox/tickets/new
If you have any other questions or need more information, contact us here: tuenti.com/movil/soporte

Now, in conversations, you’ll see a section with your most frequently called contacts so that you can find them faster and call them directly without having to search the contacts list first.

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