Added more option to play matching game with Squares and Square Roots, Percentages Negative Number and Fractions.
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Free Version of our paid application: computation oriented tile matching exercise and memory game involving basic mathematical operation up to number 400 (20 x 20).Contains memory and matching exercise/game for the following:Addition Subtraction Multiplication DivisionCombination of all aboveFour levels of computation complexity are available. A different set of tiles are generated every time a new matching game/exercise is started at any level and exercise does not get boring on repeated attempts. Four levels of computation complexity are used Level 1,3,4,7 and corresponding Memory Level 2 4 6 8 have equal computation complexity. Best times records are saved.. Creating new time record can encourage children to try more puzzles and work on different set of numbers. Screen shots show some samples.At higher level all tiles contains two numbers with addition, division, multiplication or subtraction operator and you need match with same result.All operations options: Generates tiles which includes a combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For example a division tile can have a result which matches a subtraction tile.Memory Game and Memory Maths: All title are face down and open on first click. It gives fast computation practice.Working thru various level of maths memory game included in this application will assist children and memory mathematical tables from 1 to 20.Key Words: Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Memory Game, Matching Game, Maths Memory Game, Arithmetic, Multiplication Tables, tinikutara, tinku, tinku tara,Also have a look at our other applications:Varnmala - Hindi alphabet learning app. Includes complete varnmala (swar and vyanjan) with sound. This app includes audio quiz to recognize letter with sound. Varnamala - Hindi alphabet app also include example shabd with sound for each akshar (hindi alphabet).Tinkutara Hindi Editor: Write colorful messages in Hindi and English.

Added more option to play matching game with Squares and Square Roots, Percentages Negative Number and Fractions.





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