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Siralim is a deep monster catching RPG with light roguelike elements that allows you to summon and customize hundreds of creatures to fight in strategic battle. Fight your way through randomly generated dungeons and complete randomized quests. Find rare treasure and use it to upgrade your castle, empower your creatures, craft powerful artifacts, learn new spells, and much more.
- Randomly generated dungeons and quests - no two dungeons are alike!
- Capture and summon over 300 unique creatures to fight for you. Each creature has its own unique abilities which directly affect the way you play the game.
- Cast over 100 powerful spells to turn the tide of battle.
- Fight in challenging battles that reward thoughtful strategy rather than mindless button mashing.
- Upgrade your castle to add new rooms, to unlock new creatures, and to entice new citizens to live in your kingdom.
- Craft and enchant equipment to augment your creatures' power or to grant them new abilities. There are over 500 different crafting materials to collect and use.
- Craft powerful eggs which will someday hatch into extremely powerful creatures.
- Fight in your kingdom's battle arena for fame, fortune, and glory.
- Infinite playability. There is no level cap, no restrictions, and the game never ends. Want to play until your character is level 937? Go for it.
- A roguelike overworld where you can see your enemies approaching before battle begins.
- Ever-expanding: we frequently release major content patches that give you access to new creatures, items, and other things to do.
- Free to play until your character reaches level 15. After that, the game costs $4.99 USD to play forever. There are no cash shops, microtransactions, or anything like that all.
Siralim is different from other monster catching RPGs in that the focus is on gameplay rather than story. The game is much more difficult and offers more room for customization thanks to its subtle roguelike elements. If you're looking for a mature dungeon crawler with unmatched depth that takes the best elements of games like Dragon Warrior Monsters and Pokemon, Siralim is for you.
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- 随机生成的地下城和任务 - 没有两个地牢都是一样的!
- 捕捉和召唤超过300独特的生物为你作战。每个生物都有自己独特的能力,这也直接影响到你玩游戏的方式。
- 演员超过100个强大的法术把战局。
- 战斗在富有挑战性的战斗的奖励深思熟虑的战略,而不是盲目的按钮糖化。
- 升级你的城堡增添新的房间,来解锁新的生物,并吸引新的公民住在你的王国。
- 工艺及装备附魔,以增加你的生物'权力或给予他们新的能力。有超过500种不同的材质各具特色收集和使用。
- 工艺强大的鸡蛋,这将有一天孵化成极其强大的生物。
- 战斗在你的王国的战斗舞台的名声,财富,荣耀。
- 无限的可玩性。没有等级上限,没有任何限制,并且游戏永远不会结束。要玩,直到你的性格是937级?大胆试试吧。
- 一个roguelike上层社会,你可以看到你的敌人战斗的临近开始前。
- 不断扩大:我们经常释放,让你获得新的生物,物品,和其他的事情要做主要内容补丁。
- 免费玩,直到你的角色达到15级之后,游戏费4.99美元USD永远玩。有没有现金商店,微交易,或类似的东西全部。

You can always find the latest patch notes on our forums at





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