My Makeup Salon - Girls Game

My Makeup Salon - Girls Game

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Welcome to My Makeup Salon! Who wants to have beautiful eyes with facial makeup? It’s your chance to become a cinDerella princess you always wanted to be. Summer season is here and it's time to impress your prince charming. Feel the real experience of makeup with countless items especially designed for special occasions like a party makeover and much more. My Makeup Salon gives you the chance to choose unique tattoo designs, various makeup combinations & cosmetic items with multiple decoration options. Makeup your eyes & look glamorous. Girls can now look fabulous with various makeup styles, glowing eyes and complete face makeup. Eye shades, eyebrows, blushes, face makeup, tattoos and much more all at My Makeup Salon. Once you are in My Makeup Salon you feel like being the glamorous beauty girl. Pencil your eyebrows, apply eye shades, make tattoos, apply diamond stones and move them wherever you want them on the face. Do cleansing, apply makeup on eyes, bring glow on the face and impress people with your glam doll like styles! Your imagination is the limit at the makeup salon. My Makeup Salon is the best choice to make your eyes and face fabulous during this summer season. ◆◆◆ WHAT WE HAVE FOR YOU ◆◆◆ Gorgeous Girls Ready for Makeup Countless Makeup items for Various Combinations Eye shades, Tattoos, Stickers, Earrings and more Amazing Makeup Salon Environment◆◆◆ Get Your Wedding Update NOW!!! ◆◆◆◆◆◆ JOIN US ◆◆◆Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to stay updated with TenLogix Games is working on. Play and enjoy our games because every game is filled with creativity, enjoyment and learning for kids.Facebook : :◆◆◆ YOU ARE SWEET ◆◆◆Your suggestions & feedback are valuable to help us keep working on new concepts. If you like our games, please feel free to rate and review so we can always provide you with quality free games.◆◆◆ DISCLAIMER ◆◆◆This app is ad supported and may contain ads.


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