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One phone, over 50 million quizzes. Encore is a customizable educational app that takes online flashcard study sets and generates portable quizzes to be studied on the go. Downloading, writing and editing quizzes is now just as easy as texting.
CONTACT: encorestudy@gmail.com
Five starter quizzes come included with Encore: SAT Vocabulary, Organic Chemistry Terms, Multiplication Practice, Common Spanish Expressions and Literary Terminology. In addition, Encore provides the capability to search and download a plethora of content from Quizlet.com (~9 million flashcard sets) and FlashcardExchange.com (~42 million flashcard sets) to study for any subject imaginable.
Encore software keeps track of quizzing statistics and randomizes question ordering for the optimal studying experience (questions are not given in linear order but pulled randomly from a "pool"). Additionally, Encore provides the capability to analyze, create and edit quizzes on the fly.
Encore makes studying truly accessible. Skip the expensive textbooks and download this app today. No cost, no ads.
--- NOTES ---Please send any suggestions to encorestudy@gmail.com and I will add your features by popular request as soon as possible. Thanks, and happy studying :)
--- SPECIAL THANKS ---- The friendly devs at Quizlet as well as the powerhouse admin/founder at FlashcardExchange - without their generosity to support public API's we would not have the ability to access such rich content
- A real big thanks to the following Android users: Sandy, pooks, Elisabet, Philthy, John and ajck. Your feedback was detailed and rewarding to read over (not to mention useful). Thanks for using the app :)





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