Aircraft Carrier Parking 3D

Aircraft Carrier Parking 3D

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Test you pilot skills and park Airforce and Navy aircrafts on the worlds biggest and toughest war ship - The Aircraft Carrier. ✔ MULTIPLAYER Compete against other pilots for a place on the aircraft carrier's deck✔ ✔ CHALLENGING Pilot your airplane on the busy desk of the aircraft carrier with out crashing✔ ✔ ✔ HIGH END 3D GRAPHICS Super realistic jet fighter modules and aircraft carrier environment for even more fun!5 star reviews from leading game sites! "It is like a airplane simulator and a jet arcade game combined... very cool" - Android Mag App ( May 2014 )#####Landing a jet fighter on an aircraft carrier is hard, finding a place to park the airplane with out crashing into another jet fighter or helicopter is even harder. The all new and free to download "Aircraft Carrier Parking 3D" is a challenging flight simulator game where you get to land and prepare a jet for take off by placing it in the correct area on board the navy's airplane carrier#####Some of what makes this game so good Aircraft Carrier 3D Parking ✔ 36 levels of real tough parking spots. Park your aircraft with out crashing✔ 3 challenging modes to play with Easy ( Mig Jet Fighter ), Medium (F18 Pilot Killer), Hard ( F35 bomber )✔ Replay AND Multiplayer so you can drive against real people and race to tell your friends!#####Take control and drive 3 of the fastest airplanes that can land on an aircraft carier. • Bomber Airplane - A powerful jet fighter capable of dropping heavy bombs. Bombers are wide and hard to pilot• Air Fighter - Used for dog fights and air strikes, normally F16, F18 and the new F35 would be used as Air fighters• Ground Attack - These airplanes support ground forces and helicopters such as the apache helicopters.######★★★★★Read some of the 5 star reviews we are receiving from MAJOUR review sites ★★★★★"A very nicely done parking game that fits boys, girls and any airplane lovers" Justin Timberlake, Android World Magazine"It is free, It fun to play with friends so Five stars ★★★★★"Boom Beach Carrier, Geek Freak 2014"Finding a hidden parking spot after a good air strike is fun for me"Fun Boys Games Word 2014"Fun, addictive and original airport parking game"Flight Sim USA fans Review 2014#####If the army, navy or airforce want to bomb a beach ( but really make a big boom beach ) in a far away country they would send one of there nuclear aircraft carrier and some war ships and even a nuclear submarine to assist and insure there protection from enemy ships and airplanes. Become a pilot that just landed on a carrier and pilot your airplane to safety after a long day of dogfights or bombing missions #####Some more key features you will surly enjoy in the car game✔ 3 steering options for max comfort and accuracy( Race,Tilt, Wheel )✔ Free instant revives for those moments when u just went too far with your truck✔ Awesome replay options to show off to your friends####A nuclear aircraft carrier or a supercarrier is a fast boat that has the most boom fire power in the navi's arsenal. These nuclear ships can deliver an air strike to any beach or city using it's arsenal of jet airplanes and helicopters. Carriers can carry different types of airplanes such as f16,F18,F22,F14 and Russian mig. On top of that, due to the nuclear powered engines it can also host helicopters such as bell, apache and Sikorsky all of which can take off and land form it's landing strip very easily.####Please do not forget to Rate our game and Join our Facebook page for more exciting news and updates!


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