Doctor X & The Urban Heroes

Doctor X & The Urban Heroes

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Doc to the rescue! The city’s most important urban heroes need your help at the hospital! You can be a hero too when you diagnose and heal the heroes with real medical tools! Help firemen, postmen, policemen and superheroes when you fix their broken bones, soothe their fevers, and give them medicine! It’s up to you, doc!
We all rely on our favorite urban heroes to protect our city, but now they need your help too! In this episode of Doctor X, the city’s most important heroes-- firemen, policemen, postman, and superheroes-- need your medical attention! Help with a nurse’s aid!
Put your knowledge to the test when you diagnose the heroes!
You can’t heal the heroes at the hospital if you don’t know what’s wrong with them! Listen carefully to what they say to get clues about their ailments and use the nurse’s advice! Use the stethoscope to listen to their heartbeat! Try the thermometer if you think they feel sick, pretty soon you’ll know if they have a fever, doc! You have all the tools to make the right diagnosis and a helpful nurse, it’s up to you to save the heroes at the hospital!
Use the right tools to help them get back to work!
You’ll have to use all of your doctor skills to help heal these heroes, doc! Once you have your diagnosis, it’s time to treat the heroes with medicine! Use a vaccine, try some cough syrup, or fix their broken bone; use the medicine right, and the heroes can go back to saving the city! As the urban heroes’ doctor, you can give your patients a boost with cool medicine like electroshock and the x-ray machine, or cut their clothes with the scissors to get to the problem!
The nurse knows, this is only the beginning Dr. X!
It’s a crazy time saving urban heroes but the nurse can tell you, in this hospital you can treat all those patients in no time! But there’s more to come with Doctor X! Even more patients than the Urban Heroes will need your help this time!
> Diagnose the heroes with awesome tools like the x-ray machine!
> Treat your special patients with cool medicine like a shot or cough syrup!
> You can use real doctor tools like an electroshock to stop a heart attack and save the day!
> Listen carefully to what the heroes say-- they might give you clues about their illness!
What's inside:
> Four awesome heroes that need you to save them!
> Cool tools to diagnose the heroes, from standards like a thermometer to x-rays!
> Just as many tools to treat the heroes! Use tweezers, cough syrup, or vaccines to soothe their ailments. It’s up to you, Doctor!
> Tons of colorful and cool bandages and casts to choose from!
> 2 doctor kits to help solve all of their ailments-- the First Aid Kit and the pro kit!
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我们都依赖于我们最喜欢的城市英雄来保护我们的城市,但现在他们需要你的帮助呢!在这个情节医生的X,这个城市最重要的英雄 - 消防员,警察,邮递员,和超级英雄 - 需要您的就医!帮助与护士的帮助!
>请仔细听英雄说 - 他们可能给你一个关于他们的疾病的线索!
> 2的医生包,以帮助解决他们所有的疾病 - 的急救箱和亲套件!
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> Check out our new “For Parents” page with important info for Mom and Dad!

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