Baby & Puppy

Baby & Puppy

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Babies and Puppies Star on the Red Carpet, Billboards and Magazine Covers! Dress up Babies & their Best Friends Puppies, Care for them & Get them Ready for a Night Out! Hundreds of Dressup Outfits & Loads of Fashion Fun! Feed Cute Babies & their Adorable Puppy Friends - Match the Meal with the Right Character! Pets are the best!
Your favorite babies and their favorite puppies are back and ready to strike a pose. Hang with Emma, Olivia, Sophia and Ava, four adorable babies and their super cute puppies! These babies and their pets need you to take care of them before their big night on the town! They need to be dressed up, fed, and bathed before they go to their photo shoot. This is the most fantastic mommy’s helper, dressup, fashion game ever!
★ Dress Up Time
Kids can pick a baby and a puppy and dress them each up in over 340 adorable and fun items including cool glasses, t-shirts, and pacifiers. Have the baby model your favorite accessories before she heads for her night out!
★ It’s Dinner Time!
It doesn’t matter if you are a baby or a puppy, you gotta eat! Take care of your favorite young ones and their pets by giving them fantastic treats, but remember, the dogfood is for the puppy! Feed your young friends and watch them get happy, but make sure you give them the right meal!
★ Rub-a-dub-dub! It’s bath time!
Both babies and puppies are adorable, but they can be messy! Bath time is fun, and you can use soap and shampoo to scrub your baby and puppy sparkly clean! Don’t forget to blow dry your pet’s fur. You want them to look their best!
★ Strike a Pose!
Now that your favorite baby and your favorite baby’s puppy are clean it’s time to hit the red carpet! Make sure you wear your sunglasses because the paparazzi is out! These babies and puppies are on billboards and the covers of magazines! Being a baby is the best, and being a puppy best friend is pretty great too!
Babies & Puppies - Care, Dress Up & Play Features
> Dress Up babies and puppies in 340 cool styles.
> Feeding Time: These babies and puppies are growing and need tasty food! Feed them and make them happy!
> Bath Time: Make sure you keep these cute little ones squeaky clean! Blow dry their hair after!
> Red Carpet: These babies and puppies are so cool that they are strutting their stuff on the red carpet, showing up on billboards, and posing on cover of magazines.
> Picture Time: Take pics of your favorite babies and puppies and show it to friends and their pets too!
What's inside:
> 74 shirts, dresses & pairs of fun & fancy socks
> 56 pants, jeans & skirts
> 79 bracelets, necklaces and watches & sunglasses
Kids love caring for babies and puppies playing mommy. The Babies & Puppies dressup game is an adorable, interactive mommy’s helper game for young kids.
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婴儿和小狗明星红地毯,广告牌和杂志封面!扮靓婴儿及他们最好的朋友小狗,关心他们和让他们准备一个夜晚!数百换装装具,服饰趣味的荷载!喂可爱的婴儿和他们可爱的小狗友 - 配合正确的字符的餐!宠物是最好的!
婴儿用宠物 - 护理,换装及播放功能
> 74衬衫,连衣裙及对娱乐和花哨的袜子
> 56裤,牛仔裤和裙子
> 79手镯,项链,手表及太阳眼镜
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> Hey TabTalers! We've updated this app and can't wait to share the latest version with you!

> Hey TabTalers! We've updated this app and can't wait to share the latest version with you!

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