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A new kind of travel app that brings you the best places in the world to visit, photograph, and experience. It's the ultimate app for explorers, photographers, and daydreamers.✭✭✭✭✭ WINNER: Audience Pick, LAUNCH conference, Autumn 2011"Gorgeous" - GigaOm"It’s the ultimate scouting tool that every photographer will want to have with them everywhere they go." - Thomas Hawk"This is a beautiful, well-crafted app that isn’t like anything else I’ve seen yet. It’s for people who want to explore the earth, or who want to photograph it." - Robert ScobleVideo preview at: http://www.StuckOnEarthApp.comFeatures:➤ Discover millions of amazing places to visit - the best of the best.➤ A smart algorithm chooses the best locations and photos based on a combination of crowdsourcing and curation.➤ A wonderful map interface that allows you to zoom into any level in any country to find the best places to visit.➤ No ideas for future trips or places to photograph? Try our countless Top 50 Lists to get inspired!➤ Create trips for the future: "Florida in 2014" or "Wine escapade in France, le sigh!"➤ All saved trips are available offline, since I know when you are on the road, connectivity can be tough.➤ A customized experienced based on your personality type - Photographer, Explorer, or Daydreamer.➤ Professional voice actress, Karen Hutton, serves as your personal travel guide.Community:➤ A thriving community where you can submit your own geo-located photos.➤ Have an idea for a Top 50 List? Let our editors know in the Stuck On Earth community in Flickr!About Me and the App:Hello, I'm Trey. I'm the guy that made this app.I believe that one of the great purposes of life is to have as many awesome experiences as possible. To fill your life with stories -- this is a wonderful goal. To this end, I created this app very much for myself. I am a travel photographer, and I run the #1 travel photography blog in the world at -- so this is an area where I have a lot of experience.There is a big problem that this app solves for me, personally. I have limited time, and I want the best information about where to visit and what I will see, generally, when I get there. When most people look at travel guides, they simply look for the pretty pictures and think, "I want to go THERE." This takes that experience to the next order of magnitude, and makes it all extremely practical with Trip-Planning.Even if you don't travel, you still want to find interesting places to see and experience within a short drive of your home. Or maybe there are hidden gems right in your very town that you've never discovered. Because our algorithm is a cool mix of crowdsourcing plus human-curated lists, you'll see some really good results.All in One:So, this is it, Stuck on Earth. You don't need to use multiple apps, webpages, and other resources to plan your trip. All the countries, cities, and rural areas of the world are in here -- all in one place. Add photos to your trip, and they'll be available offline. Everything you need is right here in this app. Thanks, and enjoy!Have a question or found a bug? Email us at
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