StoryBook: Aesop Fables

StoryBook: Aesop Fables

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Kids learning and lovable Story Book The story Book having collection of virtual books for kids which one contains Fun pictures ,text and audio Each story bundled with Colorful amp; Fun Pictures ,Text and Voices.You can give the mobile to your children and they can read the stories themselves or you can read to them.Kids can play the memory game with particular storybook39;s character.Kids also do the coloring pages with those images In this story You can interact with 1.Choose the slide to read 2.Automatically read the whole story to you 3.Kids can play memory game with those character4.Kids can color the images as their ownFeatures More sories Coming soon Free application Kids lovable graphics Fun Sounds Text interaction voice interaction memory game Coloring Pages Application installs in SD card for 2.2 usersStory List : The Ant and the Grasshopper The Hare and the Tortoise Sweet PorridgeMore Stories will be Coming SoonNote : To listen the stories with voices you must install the voice datas in your mobile.It is free software which one install from you Settings,
作者:Joe Raj
系统:Android 1.5以上

* Reduced permissions
* bugs fixed

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