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Heatmiser Neo

1. Stability bug fixes
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NEOAPP - CONTROL FROM ANYWHEREHeatmiser's latest Neo system delivers Control from Anywhere functionality directly on your smartphone or tablet.It's the most convenient method of controlling your home heating and hot water; wherever and whenever you want.neoApp is designed to work perfectly with neoHub and neoStats. Together they present an advanced heating control solution that is perfect for modern lifestyles.NEOAPP GIVES YOU TOTAL CONTROLHeatmiser's neoApp will positively change the way you control your home heating and hot water. No need to engage directly with time-clocks or thermostats any longer; neoApp allows you to control everything directly on your smartphone or tablet. neoApp's intuitive design ensures programming and override commands are quick and easy for anybody to use. Better still, you always have neo with you because it's loaded on your phone.NEOAPP, EASY, EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVEHeatmiser's neoApp has been carefully designed with you in mind. It's incredibly simple to download and use; giving you intuitive control over your home heating and hot water directly from your smartphone or tablet. In just a few quick screen taps you can change settings in all of your properties that have neoStats installed.COMPLEX FUNCTIONALITY MADE SIMPLEBy setting up profiles neoApp users are able to switch heating control parameters with a few quick screen taps.Whether you have a different profile for the weekend, work pattern, month or season; neoApp allows you to instantly activate the profile that suits your immediate needs.COMING OR GOING?neoApp allows you to instantly switch your heating and hot water controls ON or OFF directly on your smartphone or tablet. Not only will this save money, it ensures your home is always warm and welcoming when you arrive.Better still, the neoStat will automatically activate your heating if the frost set temperature is reached; keeping your home safe and dry without wasting any unnecessary energy.IDEAL TEMPERATURE IN EVERY ROOMHeatmiser's neoApp allows you to zone your home heating and control each zone independently from the neoApp. Imagine having all rooms at an ideal temperature and being able to change settings instantly to suit your immediate needs. Not only will you optimise family comfort; you will optimise energy efficiency as well.
作者:Heatmiser UK
系统:Android 2.1.x以上

1. Stability bug fixes

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