Spd8 - Live Video Speed Dating

Spd8 - Live Video Speed Dating

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Spd8 is a fun way to make new friends. You have to try it to see for yourself.With live video, you can talk to real people and get a much more correct impression of a person compared to a normal dating app where you only can see a profile image and must rely on that to be the real person you are chatting with. You can also record videos and send them to other users as "Video Flirts". If the user likes the video flirt, you will become new friends.PLEASE NOTE! VIDEO DATES WORKS BEST ON A WIFI/4G NETWORK. OTHER MOBILE NETWORKS MIGHT EXPERIENCE LAG AND DROP-OUTS.How it works: - Join date queue and wait for incoming call. - You can close the app and do other things while you wait. A push notification will be sent when a new incoming date is ready. - Every video date lasts five minutes. - Click like button if you like the person you are talking to. - If both users like each other, you will become new friends and can send each other messages when the date has ended. - If you don't like the person you talk to, you can skip to next. - Select gender, age range and max distance of the people you seek.


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