Time Calculator

Time Calculator

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Contains a simple standard calculator and add, subtract, multiply and divide units of time is a time calculator .★ year , day, hour, minute, and second can be calculated by the calculator★ You can mix units of time .Example ) 10 hours 5 minutes 5 seconds + 5 minutes = 1 day 10 hours 10 minutes 5 seconds★ converted into units of another time , you can see the results .★ calculation formula of past records , and record the results , you can remove at any time .★ You can use a standard calculator .※ To use this calculator, first you should know a few people :Entering a time (such as 07:06:03 ) to enter an input to the following sequence .07:06:03 To enter , type the following:1. Number [7] to [Hour] input2. Number [6] to [Minute] input3. Number [3] to [Sec] inputInput to [Convert] to convert certain units can be pressed to select the value and further calculations.For example ) 7 hours 6 minutes 3 seconds -> Convert - > 25,563 secondsCan also be a variety of complex formulas .For example:(1 year + 1 day ) x 8% = 29 days 10 hours 43 minutes 12 seconds( can be converted to another specific unit check )2 days x 2 days = 4 daysCalculator is two hours and includes advertising .Keywords: time calculator, time sharing, working hours, overtime , overtime , overtime , time calculation, time calculation , math, time


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