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The most important question we ask everyday… What should we eat??? We want to guide and help you discover places from recommendations you can trust! Pickat SG is a location based social application that allows for easy discovery, creating, and sharing of restaurants, coupons, and interesting places in Singapore. Discover places through Themes, a simple and short review based on experiences or preferences. Themes can be as simple as “Light and Healthy Lunch Spots,” “Family Friendly Fun!” or as specific as “Romantic First Dates,” “Craft Beer & Fusion Pairings.” Whatever you’re looking for, Pickat SG will help you find the ideal restaurant, spot, deal, or coupon for any mood or occasion. Share your hidden gems, create future memories, and connect with the world around you!FEATURES: • Search for simple business information and directions both near and far • Create Picks (Check In) to share your experience of the place you’ve visited • Find the perfect place through curated Themes • Connect and follow Top Pickers to get great recommendations and tips • Browse to see what others are Picking, bookmark, like, repick, and/or add to the conversation • Discover nearby discounts, freebies, special deals, & coupons • Discover, Create, & Share!Pick Your Place!


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