My baby´s name

My baby´s name

★ Minor bug fixed
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If you are pregnant and you have no idea which will be the name of your future baby, or you do not agree, this app can help you to make that difficult decision easier.
It has a database of 45000 names of boy and girl.
It allows us to search for names using three different criteria:
- Lenght: short names or long names, which we can configure the number of letters of the name in the app properties.
- Popularity: high, medium or low.
- Origin: african, american, arabic, australian, european center, chinese, egyptian, english, french, germanic, greek, hebrew, indian, irish, italian, japanese, latin, portuguese, russian, scandinavan, scottish and spanish.
- Field search like
Once selected girl or boy, we will obtain a list of names where both father and mother separately choose their favorites.
When one finishes, you will pass the terminal to the another one.
The app will reduce the list based on preferences and matches of the parents to find the desired name.
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★ Minor bug fixed

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