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Golfshot Lite

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SCORECARD + HANDICAP VERSION Upgrade to Golfshot: Golf GPS for Rangefinder 40,000+ courses ready to golf. New course data is loaded for free by Golfshot. Request any course worldwide at Golfshot is an easy and efficient golf scorecard app that automatically generates PGA quality statistics and allows golfers to share and compare their rounds. Golfshot is designed to keep it quick, simple and easy to understand. GOLF IS A GAME. IT SHOULD BE FUN. ? 38,000+ golf courses worldwide ready to play ? Keep score for up to four golfers ? Simple, vertical hole-by-hole scorecard entry ? Horizontal full-round traditional scorecard view ? Optional handicap play with your USGA golf handicap ? Automatic course handicap calculator ? Net score and stroke score display AMAZING STATISTICAL GRAPHS: ? Automatically created for each round ? View and share on your iPhone/iPod touch or on the web ? Know your performance and track your improvement ? Find gaps in your game ? Compare against friends, Tiger, anyone! ROUNDS INCLUDE: ? Fairways Hit, Missed Left & Right ? Greens in Regulation ? Recovery Scrambling ? Sand Saves ? Putts per Hole and per GIR ? Scoring Averages on Par 3’s, 4’s and 5’s ? Scoring Percentages For a GPS Rangefinder app, search for Golfshot: Golf GPS


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