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TERKINI: IKUTI SIARAN LANGSUNG SIDANG PARLIMEN MELALUI MYTIVI SETIAP HARI ISNIN HINGGA KHAMIS BERMULA 10 PAGI.---NOTE: Please reinstall (uninstall/install) if you have any problem after update to ver 1.3+ before commenting since start from ver 1.3 new plugin has been use to fix almost any major bug and giving us the best performance on streaming LiveTVs.---NOTICE:Due to Android limitation, this app needed at least android 4.0+ to make it smoothly. Maybe i will re-release old version of MyTiVi to playstore for devices below than android 4.0.---DEION & CHANNEL SUPPORTEDThis app serves a variety of unique services of Internet and mobile LiveTV streaming. It puts forward interesting bundle of streaming TV channels which includes:---LOCAL TV CHANNEL* Sidang Parlimen* RTM TV1* RTM TV2* TV3* NTV7* 8TV* TV9* TV Al-Hijrah* Awani. **More channels will be added from time to time, so please keep on supporting this app.**--- Video On Demand(VOD)* Channel V HD* Al-Hijrah (VOD)* VEVO TV* National Geographic HD* Discovery Channel HD---NEWS (VOD)* Al-Jazeera* Kini.TV* Free Malaysia Today---09JUL2013Add3 more VOD channel!!* VEVO TV* National Geographic HD* Discovery Channel HDTO DO:* Al-Hijrah (on next update) -done* BBC News* Bernama TV* Anything on request basis. Contact me if you want me to include any channel.11JUL2013-Major overhaul given to main app mostly design.-Now all live channel is using built-in media player for better support on multiple devices. Report directly to me via email if still having problem on playback live channel.-CNN already being pull from app due to country restriction.02JUL2013NEW CHANNEL ADD!-KiniTV (MalaysiaKini)-Free Malaysia Today-Al-Jazeera-CNN International---FEEDBACKAny suggestions? Don't forget to drop us a review!!!* This app requires stable Internet connection. Broadband connection recommended.* Subion to 3G data plan is strongly recommended to avoid additional charges from telcos.---NOTICE* Please note that this app is not supported and/or not stable on several Android devices. Report to us if your device is one of them and tell us what is your Android devices along with the OS version.* Tablet user may have a problem running this app. Fix will be publish in next update.* Any suggestions or improvements needed would be great to write in the comments. Keywords: televisyen mytv malaysiantv malaysia malay malaysian livetv live tv tv1 tv2 tv3 astro awani tv8 ntv7 tv9



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