Ants in phone

Ants in phone

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Ants appear in your phone, no matter which app is currently running. It looks as if the ant is trapped inside the phone's screen.Touch an ant to smash it.The ants in phone app makes using your phone or tablet more fun. Every once in a while, an ant will walk across your screen. If you react quickly, you can smash it.You can see statistics how many ants you squashed, and what is your hit rate.Ants in this ant smasher app look and move in a realistic way. You can use this app as a prank, install and activate it on a friends phone, and watch how she reacts to the ants suddenly appearing.You can configure how often ants appear. There are many other configuration options. Unlike games like "ant smasher" in this app the ants appear on the screen, not inside an app. It's like a game you can play for short bursts during anything else you do.We plan to add more insects and more types of ants. Write us if you have ideas or suggestions how to improve this app, use the feedback option within the app. The app is designed to use very little power. and not impact battery life.Permissions:Internet, Coarse location - Collect statistics on the number of installations per country, to help us prioritize translationsSystem alerts - Used to draw ants on top of other appsGet accounts - Used only when you choose to send us feedback. You get the option to add your email address so that we can reply. It is optional, and you can choose not to send your email address.Receive boot completed - to allow automatic start-up at boot. You can configure if you want ants to start showing up automatically after boot
系统:Android 2.2.x以上


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