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What is new in this version:- Minor changes of color scheme and interface elements- Added social login via OK.ru- Internal optimizations and improvements==================================Ritmxoid - application for the calculation of human biorhythms and computation on it's basis favorable and unfavorable periods for different types of activity. The application also provides a comparative analysis of sports competitions and matches and predict the possibility of the victory of an athlete on the basis of the current bio-rhythmic state (energy balance) of body.The algorithm for biorhythm calculating is a unique new development, which does not appear in any other application on biorhythmic topics.► Please read more particular info: http://ritmxoid.com/introductory.htmIt should also be noted that the theme of biorhythmic betting is very popular, but extremely poorly worked technically. In the vastness of the internet and in the other mobile biorhythmic applications is used only one wide-spreaded 3-wave algorithm, which is very approximately reflects the real situation, and practically does not interpret indicators rhythms in human-readable form. In contrast to this algorithm, Ritmxoid provides a single summary measure of the energy balance of the body (duplicated with emoticons and chart), gives a description and user suggestions.Despite the prevalence of information about biorhythms, there are no researches, confirming the strict regularity of the «classic» set of cycles. Ritmxoid uses an algorithm generated on the basis of more than 20 years of research and observations with the positive correlation of the results of sports competitions (boxing, tennis, football, cycling, etc.).Using Ritmxoid you can:- Predict sport competition results- Plan your activity (sport, work etc.) according to your energy level- Determine «Risk» periods, when you should pay greater attention to your health- Check two persons on compatibility- Enhance you results in varios activities by matching periods of appropriate body activitySupported languages: English, Russian, German, Spainish. Translations (exepting English and Russian) were made by Google translate, if you want to contribute quality human translation, please write us.Visit site: http://ritmxoid.comWrite us: ritmxoid@ritmxoid.comLike Ritmxoid on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RitmxoidBiorhythmVisit Ritmxoid on VKontakte: http://vk.com/ritmxoid






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