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RetroArch is a powerful engine that allows you to:
* Play games (retro and more current ones)
* Watch movies (soon)
* Other stuff (augmented reality, etc) (soon)
It comes with its own built-in collection of applications to provide you with a 'one-stop-shop' for entertainment.
RetroArch is an open-source project that makes use of a powerful development interface called Libretro. Libretro is an interface that allows you to make cross-platform applications that can use rich features such as OpenGL, cross-platform camera support, location support, and more in the future.
Libretro and RetroArch are perfectly suited for creating games and (in the near future) apps leveraging the features of mobile phones and tablets.
RetroArch and the Libretro API has above all proven itself to be a very capable API for emulators, and this package includes an overwhelming amount of open-source emulators to use. Most of these have been vetted by the original authors and have their consent. In the instances where they are not, all effort has been taken to ensure there are no license problems.
- The permissions necessitating 'camera' and 'location services' are only there because Libretro cores now have the ability to make use of these features on the platform that supports them. As of right now, only two test cores (Modelviewer Location and Instancingviewer Camera) make use of them. NOTE - the camera and location functionality will NEVER be used without your consent, and it will never be used in cores where it isn't part of the actual user experience (ie. not most emulators).
- RetroArch as an app empowers users to do what they want to do. It does not seek to monetize userbases, it does not seek to exploit human psychology and making you give up your money with crappy cynical 'farm' games, it gives you total power to do what you want to do.
* No DRM
* No restrictions on usage
* Open-source
* No push ads
* No spying
* No ads period
* And best of all, totally free
RetroArch是一个开源项目,它利用所谓Libretro一个强大的开发接口。 Libretro是一个接口,使您可以可以使用丰富的功能,如OpenGL,跨平台的摄像头支持,位置支持,例如,多在未来的跨平台的应用程序。
RetroArch和Libretro API已经首先证明自己是对的仿真器一个非常有能力的API,并且这个包包含开放原始码的仿真器压倒性的数量来使用。大多数这些已经由原始的作者和拥有他们的同意。在那里他们没有实例,所有的努力已经采取措施,确保不存在许可证问题。
- 迫使'摄像头'和'位置服务'的权限是只有在那里,因为Libretro内核现在要利用这些功能,支持它们的平台上的能力。截至目前,只有两个测试内核(Modelviewer位置和Instancingviewer相​​机)使用它们。注 - 相机和定位功能将永远不会使用未经您的同意,并且它永远不会在核心的地方是不实际的用户体验(即不是大多数仿真器)的一部分使用。
- RetroArch作为一个应用程序使用户能够做他们想做的事情。它不求赚钱userbases,它不寻求利用人的心理,让你放弃你的钱蹩脚的愤世嫉俗'农场'的游戏,这你总功率做你想要做什么给。

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