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Wonder where your day went? RescueTime is an automatic time and attention tracker that helps individuals and teams propagate good processes and eliminate bad habits. Fight information overload and multitask thrash!-- Version 2 brings the live meter view, manual / offline time tracking with productivity setting, phone call only mode, settings sync with desktop, smarter data rate use, wifi only option, landscape and table friendly interface, and more! --Some fans have this to say:- Tim Ferris - author of The 4-Hour Work Week: "Simple and powerful. Use this product."- Chris Sacca - tweets: "try @rescuetime to help achieve efficiency and life balance when using technology"Our Android app tracks how you spend your mobile time, works great on its own but even better when combined with our computer app.RescueTime for Android works by noting how long you spend in your mobile apps and phone calls, reporting back to you your efficiency score, top distractions and categories right on your mobile device. There is a handy stopwatch tool for manually tracking things like meetings and exercise, and you can set the productivity as you finish it, without visiting the website.Full reports and charts, along with goals and alerts features, are available via the web app, and integrate tightly with your computer time, if you add that.Existing RescueTime users can easily add our Android app to their accounts for free.New users, youll get a lifetime free individual web account when activating your app. All new users also get 14 days of Pro web reporting mode, which then reverts to free mode (still very popular!) until upgraded from our site. Be sure to try the desktop / laptop app too. One account is all you need for as many devices as you have.Key features of Pro are:- Details reporting, like (Android) contacts names for phone calls and (PC) document names- (PC only) Offline time tracker and FocusTime opt-in distraction blocking- Set alerting rules to get nudged when you spend too much time on distractions or cheer you on when you hit your goals- Unlimited data history (Free shows recent 2 months only)Pro Solo RescueTime costs US $9.00 a month, full year at a discounted $72.00, if you want to keep premium services. Free version is free!-- Support --RescueTime offers full support of the paid and free subion. Just log in to our website at and click "help" in the top right corner, then "start a discussion" to create the ticket. You get direct engineer access! Please, before you rate us, give us a chance to help you!-- Developer Notes: Help us Improve --Possibly tied to an Android update, a few users have had trouble activating. PLEASE let us know if you do so we can help, we are unable to reproduce this yet.We require an email because that is our "user name", and it is how we identify your login across multiple devices. Your email is NEVER shared with anyone.Currently, URL tracking in browsers is not supported due to limitations in Android. We c






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