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Bug fixes and improvements
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Priority Pass应用介绍:

Designed to help Priority Pass Members find an airport lounge anytime, anywhere, this FREE app searches our database of over 850 lounges worldwide and its enhanced functionality improves user experience.
Users can search for a lounge by typing the name of a city, country or airport or simply scroll through lists. Rate lounges, save lounges as favourites, see recent searches and activate GPS to find your nearest lounge quickly.
The My Account section lets you track your visit history and manage your lounge visits while some Priority Pass Members will be invited to test the new FlightAlerts BETA and give feedback.
Permissions required:
• Identity/Contacts (finds accounts on the device and reads your contacts) lets you add phone and email contacts from your phone book into FlightAlerts BETA, so you can receive alert notifications via email or text.
• Location (approximate network based or precise GPS/network based location) will let you search for lounges nearby while Photos/Media/Files (modifies or deletes the contents of your USB storage and reads the contents of your USB storage) lets you download lounge images and your Priority Pass Digital Membership Card.
• WiFi connection information (views WiFi connections) will detect whether you have an active WiFi connection for WiFi only data download, in app settings.
• Other (receive data from Internet, full network access, view network connections, prevent device from sleeping and use accounts on the device) allows you to download data from the internet and check if you are connected to the internet (WiFi or data). This will also allow you to use QR code located in the Digital Membership Card and checks the accounts to see if you have contacts to use with FlightAlerts BETA.
Just update the data and then use offline – we recommend you always download fresh data when you first use the app.
旨在帮助的Priority Pass成员随时找到一个机场休息室,任何地方,这个免费的应用程序搜索超过850世界各地的贵宾室我们的数据库和增强的功能改善了用户体验。
我的帐户部分,您可以追踪您的访问记录和管理您的休息室访问,而一些的Priority Pass成员将被邀请测试新FlightAlerts BETA并提出反馈意见。
•身份/联系人(查找设备上的帐户,并读取你的通讯录),您可以从您的电话簿中添加的电话和电子邮件联系到FlightAlerts BETA,这样你就可以收到通过电子邮件或文本警报通知。
•位置(约计基于网络的或者基于精确的GPS /网络位置),可以让你搜索休息室附近,而图片/媒体/文件(修改或删除您的USB存储设备中的内容,并读取USB存储的内容),您可以下载休息室图像和您的优通数字会员卡。
•其他(接收来自互联网的数据,全网访问,查看网络连接,防止设备进入休眠状态,并用量占设备上),您可以从互联网上下载数据,并检查是否已连接到互联网(WiFi或数据)。这也将让您使用位于数字会员卡QR码和检查账目,看看是否有交往与FlightAlerts BETA使用。
刚刚更新数据,然后使用脱机 - 我们建议您随时下载新的数据,当您第一次使用该应用程序。

Bug fixes and improvements

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