Experience the amazing new look and feel of the app. Using Prezi Viewer has never been easier.
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Always on the move? Then you need Prezi Viewer for Android. Our free Prezi Viewer app lets you view and show all your prezis whenever you want, right from your device. Present live to your colleagues wherever you have network coverage, or follow along with their presentations from anywhere. When you’re traveling to a big pitch or meeting, why not use the transit time to run through your presentation on your phone or tablet? Once you arrive, connect through Chromecast and present on the big screen. And on the flight home, when the guy seated next to you turns out to be a killer prospect, use the plane’s wi-fi to pitch him right on the spot. Prezi Viewer for Android means you’re always ready to deliver.
“With Prezi, meetings with clients have become not just a presentation but a memorable experience.”
— Andy Barrons, Chief Marketing Officer at Navis
“Prezi empowered our sales force to effectively communicate everything we’re trying to do as a company.”
— Jeff Wakefield, VP of Sales Enablement at Verifone
View, practice or present wherever life takes you
* Access and view all your online prezis
* Enjoy the same smooth rendering you get with your computer
* Share your prezis via email, messaging, social media, or embedding
* View any prezi that's shared with you or that you find online
* Watch live prezis from anywhere in the world
* Use intuitive touch gestures—pinch to zoom and drag to pan around your canvas
* Connect your Android device to present on the big screen
Discover how Prezi makes you a better presenter
* Visual storytelling makes messages more engaging and persuasive
* You can zoom and pan to show the details and big picture in context
* You can read the room and adapt your presentation on the fly
* You’ll have the confidence of knowing audiences prefer Prezi
Turn any presentation into a story they’ll want to follow
* Pitch your big idea
* Win new business
* Unveil a new strategy
* Share the latest reports
* Build a project timeline
* Showcase your portfolio
* Wow your clients
* Close the deal
* Get the gig
* Make the sale
Prezi is available for:
Desktop: Windows, Mac and Web
Mobile: Android, iPhone, iPad
Web: Prezi online editor
Language support for English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Hungarian.
总是在移动?然后,你需要Prezi浏览器为Android。我们的免费Prezi浏览器应用程序,让您查看和显示你所有的prezis,只要你想,直接从您的设备。目前住你的同事,无论你有网络覆盖,或跟随他们的演讲从任何地方。当你行驶到一个大的间距或会议,为什么不使用在途时间通过您的介绍您的手机或平板电脑上运行?一旦你到达时,连接通过的Chromecast和现在的大屏幕上。而在飞行家,当人坐在你旁边,原来是一个杀手的前景,在飞机上使用的Wi-Fi力捧他的权利当场。 Prezi浏览器Android版意味着你随时提供。
安迪 - 巴伦,首席营销官的Navis
- 杰夫·韦克菲尔德,销售支持副总裁Verifone的

Experience the amazing new look and feel of the app. Using Prezi Viewer has never been easier.




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