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AndRovio Lite allows you to operate your WowWee* Rovio robotic webcam from anywhere! Check on the house (or chase the cat around) while waiting in line or relaxing at the beach! Features include: - Full motion, camera arm & headlight control- Playback of pre-recorded paths- Trigger Rovio snapshot function- Panic button to stop all activity For an even better experience, Upgrade to the full version of AndRovio for: - Video brightness booster- Video aspect ratio controls in both portrait and landscape mode- Option to save snapshots to SD card- Option to automatically set maximum image size & quality during snapshots, then restore to previous settings for normal use- Add a second URL/port and toggle between them- Command HUD shows overlay text when commands are sent to your Rovio- High Resolution interface that is much sharper on larger screens- No ads Privacy Policy: AndRovio Lite collects the following information while running: The app version, Android version, device type, screen size, and screen density. None of this information can be used to personally identify you, and is strictly used by Poignant Projects to improve the experience of the application. AndRovio Lite also uses your approximate (coarse) location information to serve location-based ads. (The Privacy Policy text is also available in the "About" section of the app) * Poignant Projects is not affiliated with WowWee Group Ltd.


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