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NOTE: if you experience errors trying to download our app, see pleco.com/android for other download options.
Pleco is the ultimate Chinese learning companion - an integrated Chinese English dictionary / document reader / flashcard system with fullscreen handwriting input and live camera-based character lookups, from a company with 15 years' experience making mobile Chinese learning software.
Major features: ($ = paid add-on)
• Great dictionaries: the free app comes with two dictionaries - CC-CEDICT and our in-house PLC dictionary - which together cover 130,000 Chinese words and include 20,000 example sentences with Pinyin. We offer 8 more free dictionaries as optional downloads, including a 22,000-entry Cantonese-English dictionary, and 19 other great dictionaries are available as paid upgrades. ($)
• Handwriting input: lookup unknown characters by drawing them, with a best-in-class recognition engine. (basic version free, enhanced version $)
• Live Optical Character Recognizer (OCR): look up Chinese words in the dictionary simply by pointing your device's camera at them, or by scrolling around a still image. ($)
• Screen Reader/OCR: instantly tap-lookup Chinese words in other apps through a floating interface; works on Android 4.1 and later. Especially useful in chat apps like WeChat. (reader free, OCR $)
• Flashcard System: create a card from any dictionary entry with a single button tap, import premade word lists, use advanced techniques like SRS (spaced repetition), and study in a variety of modes including fill-in-the-blanks and tone drills. (simple version free, full-featured $)
• Audio Pronunciation: instantly hear male + female native-speaker audio for Chinese dictionary headwords; recordings available for over 34,000 words. (stitched-syllable free, multi-syllable $) Or listen to example sentences with text-to-speech (system TTS free, enhanced $).
• Powerful search: look up words by Chinese characters, Pinyin (spaces/tones optional), or a combination, with support for wildcards and full-text search.
• Cross-referencing: tap on any Chinese character / word in any dictionary entry to bring up its definition.
• Voice Recognition: look up words by speaking them into your device's microphone.
• Stroke Order Diagrams: animations showing you how to draw each Chinese character; over 20,000 characters are covered. ($)
• Document Reader: open a Chinese-language text or PDF file and look up unknown words in the dictionary simply by tapping on them. ($) You can also look up characters on web pages through "Share" and in other documents through the clipboard. (free)
• Mainland- and Taiwan-friendly: supports traditional and simplified characters (in dictionary definitions, stroke order, search, OCR, and handwriting), and supports Zhuyin (with ruby support) as well as Pinyin for pronunciation display.
• Cantonese: display headwords + perform searches in Jyutping/Yale romanization. We also offer Cantonese dictionary and Cantonese audio add-ons. (some $)
• No ads: we won't even nag you about buying add-ons.
We also offer excellent customer support - send us an email and see for yourself - and an active user community at plecoforums.com.
We've been making Chinese dictionary apps since 2000, and our sales and customer base have been steadily growing for 15 years across four different platforms. We take good care of our longtime users: people who bought a dictionary on a Palm Pilot in 2001 can still use that dictionary on a new Android phone in 2015 without even paying an upgrade fee. You can be confident we'll be fixing bugs and adding features for many years to come.
Paid add-ons can be moved to a new device like any other paid app; just open our free app on your new device and they should reactivate.
If you already own Pleco on another OS, see pleco.com/android for migration options.
Twitter/Facebook: plecosoft
pleco的是最终中国学习伴侣 - 一个完整的中国英文字典/文档阅读/烧录系统,全屏手写输入和现场摄像头的字符查找,从一家拥有15年的经验使移动中国学习软件。
主要特点:($ =支付附加)
•大辞典:免费的应用程序自带的两个字典 - CC-CEDICT和我们的内部PLC词典 - 它们共同覆盖13万中国人的话,包括20000例句用汉语拼音。我们提供8个免费词典可选下载,其中包括一个22000项的汉英词典,以及其他19个大字典可作为支付升级。 ($)
•手写输入:查找未知字符通过绘制它们,用最好的一流的识别引擎。 (基础版免费,增强版$)
•实时光学字符识别(OCR):查找中国字在字典里简单地指向你的设备的摄像头,在他们,或者通过滚动周围的静止图像。 ($)
•屏幕阅读器/ OCR:的瞬间挖掘,查找中国话通过一个浮动的界面的其他应用程序;工作在Android 4.1及更高版本。特别有用像微信聊天应用程序。 (读者免费,OCR $)
•抽认卡系统:创建任何字典条目有一个按钮水龙头,进口预制词汇表一卡,采用先进的技术,如SRS(间隔重复),并研究在各种模式,包括填空题-THE-空白和音演练。 (简版免费,全功能$)
•音频发音:的瞬间听到男+女母语音频,为中国辞典的词条;录音可超过34000字。 (拼接音节免费,多音节$),还是听例句与文本到语音转换(TTS系统免费,增强$)。
•笔顺图:的动画向您展示如何绘制每一个中国人性格;超过20,000字符覆盖。 ($)
•文档阅读器:打开中国语言文本或PDF文件,并​​查找生字新词,在字典中简单地通过点击他们。 ($)您也可以看看网页上的文字,通过“分享”,并通过剪贴板中的其他文件。 (自由)
•粤菜:显示词条+在香港语言学学会粤语拼音方案/耶鲁拼音进行搜索。我们还提供粤语字典和粤语音频附加组件。 (约$)
我们还提供出色的客户支持 - 给我们发邮件,看看自己 - 以及plecoforums.com活跃的用户社区。
我们一直在做中国的词典应用程序自2000年以来,我们的销售和客户群一直在稳步增长的跨越四个不同的平台上15年。我们利用我们的老用户良好的照顾:谁的人在2001年买了一本字典上的Palm Pilot掌上电脑仍然可以使用字典上一个新的Andr​​oid手机在2015年甚至没有支付升级费用。你可以相信,我们将修复bug和增加功能的许多年里。
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