Wedding Day

Wedding Day

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❤❤The most ROMANTIC day is here! Get ready for the EXTRAVAGANT day with Dress Up! Wedding Day!❤❤ Everything a bride could ever DREAM of is in Dress Up! Wedding Day! Dress up and makeover the bride with several pretty hairstyles, elegant wedding gowns, hair accessories, shoes, flowers, jewelry and more!! You can even dress up the Groom! Pick and choose from several snazzy tuxedos! And don’t forget to dress up the bridesmaid and the cute little flower boy and girl!! This is a dress up wedding party! Choose from 4 wonderful wedding scenes!! Show off your wedding ring to all your friends! Don’t be nervous the day of your wedding because Dress Up! Wedding Day has all the clothes and accessories you need! With hundreds of different items, you’ll be addicted to this dress up game. Once you are done with the makeover save it and SHARE it with all your friends! ❤❤最浪漫的日子就在这里!准备好奢侈的一天换装!结婚的日子!❤❤ 一个新娘所能梦想的一切是换装!结婚的日子!扮靓和改造几个漂亮的发型,优雅的婚纱礼服,发饰,鞋,鲜花,珠宝首饰和更多的新娘! 你甚至可以打扮的新郎!挑选从几个时髦的晚礼服!而且不要忘了打扮的伴娘和一朵可爱的小男孩和女孩!这是一个装扮婚礼派对! 选择4个美妙的婚礼场面!秀出你的结婚戒指给你的朋友!不要紧张,因为你的婚礼当天装扮!婚礼当天所有的衣服和配件,你需要的!有数百个不同的项目,你会沉迷于这件衣服游戏。一旦你已经完成了改造保存它,它与所有的朋友分享!


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