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******************************************** Magic Keyboard 2 is out now !*** This will be our keyboard app from now on. *** Check it out on Google Play !*****************************************Magic Keyboard can predict and correct your typing with incredible accuracy and speed, making typing much easier and faster.As you type, Magic Keyboard analyses millions of word-chains to determine what you're about to say based on your previous input. This means it can understand what you're typing and help you along!*** A language pack must be installed for auto-correct and word suggestions ***- British English- US English- Spanish / Español- Italian / Italiano- French / Français- German / Deutsch- Russian / Русский- Hebrew / עברית- Polish / Polski- Czech / Český- Swedish / Svenska- Danish / Dansk- Norwegian / NorskThere are two versions of Magic Keyboard, Free and Pro. The promotional video features the paid version, Magic Keyboard Pro. This adds a theme editor, user learning, lots of themes, next-word prediction and auto text. An installation video and others are available on www.picomat.comIf you like our app, please review it !Magic Keyboard Free features:- Amazing predictive text, based on several words of context- Context sensitive auto-correction- Multi touch- Configurable number of word suggestions- Smart apostrophe handling- Four standard themes (many more in Pro, plus a theme editor)- Caps-Lock- QWERTY keyboard layout- AZERTY keyboard layout- QWERTZ keyboard layout- JCUKEN keyboard layout (for Russian)- Keyboard resize option (for both landscape and portrait)- Integration with Android's built-in user dictionary- Integration with Google's speech-to-text service- Profanity filter- A huge number of special and accented characters via long-press- A number pad- Two symbols keyboards- Two emoticons keyboards- Key sound effects- Key vibration effects- Several auto-spacing optionsUnlike some keyboards for Android, Magic Keyboard does not require internet access.You can contact us via e-mail or twitter. If you're having any problems we will do our best to help. We cannot help you if you don't contact us!


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