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Bounce On Lite

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This is the Lite version of the game, which has only a subset of the features and levels of the full version of Bounce On. Get your Bounce On! Phobic Studios presents Bounce On, a classic side scrolling platform game in the vein of Sonic and Mario. After falling from a familiar pocket, roll and bounce your way through 75 levels in 5 unique worlds on your adventure home. Keep your eyes out for priceless gems, adorable enemies, and amazing power-ups you'll encounter on your journey. \"Thank you so much for making my favorite application! I was a mario addict at 5 and now a bounce addict at 25\" - US iTunes Review \"Fans of platform and Mario games should definitely give it a look.\" - \"Bounce On: 3D-1D=2D and it rules!\" - \"Team Phobic's recent update added so much new stuff to the game -- cutscenes, music, new enemies -- that it seems all you need to do is wait to get bonus stuff in Bounce On. \" - IGN Follow us on twitter @phobicstudios for updates on our latest games! 这是精简版的游戏版本,其中只有一小部分的功能​​和弹跳完整版水平。 获取你的弹跳!恐惧症影城礼物反弹,经典的侧滚动平台游戏索尼克和马里奥在静脉。 在下降,从一个熟悉的口袋,滚动和弹跳的方式,通过75个等级,5个独特的世界你的冒险回家。睁大你的眼睛,价值连城的宝石,可爱的敌人,和惊人的力量,你会遇到你的旅程。 “太感谢你了,我最喜爱的应用程序!我是马里奥上瘾5,现在反弹上瘾25” - 美国的iTunes检讨 “平台和马里奥游戏的球迷绝对应该给它看看。” - “弹跳:3D-1D = 2D和规则!” - “Team恐惧症的最新更新增加了这么多新的东西的游戏 - 过场动画,音乐,新的敌人 - 它似乎所有你需要做的就是等待获得奖金的东西在跳动。” - IGN 我们最新的游戏更新,我们在twitter @ phobicstudios的!


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