- Better interface for inviting friends to folder
- Improved shared folders management
- Bug Fixes
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With pCloud you get up to 20GB FREE cloud storage, store all your files and access them anywhere on any device.
pCloud makes it easy to share photos and videos with your friends.
You can automatically backup all your photos and videos to your secured cloud account. All of your files are immediately synced between your computer and your mobile devices. You have instant access to all changes you make.
You can optionally upgrade your account with a monthly or yearly subscription to a pCloud Premium 500GB and pCloud Premium Plus 1TB plan.
With prices of $3.99 per month for Premium and $7.99 per month for Premium Plus (on yearly subscription), pCloud takes one of the top places in the price/quality ratio category.
- 10GB of cloud storage space when you sign up. Up to 20GB with bonuses. For Free!
- Instant access to all your photos, videos, docs from any device, anywhere.
- Real Time changes - See any changes you make in the cloud on all your devices, instantly!
- Upload links - Your friends upload their files to your account. Your folder, their content.
- Automatic upload - Automatic backup of all your photos and videos to your pCloud account.
- Offline access - Mark any files as "Favorites" and use them when you are disconnected from the Internet.
- No file size limit - You can upload Full HD files without worrying about their size.
- No space limit - Start with 10GB of free cloud storage and get even more with our premium subscription plans.
- No speed limit - Add, remove or share photos, videos and docs at fastest speed achievable by your internet provider.
- 云存储空间10GB,当您注册。高达20GB与奖金。免费!
- 即时访问您的所有照片,视频,从任何设备的文档,随时随地。
- 实时变化 - 看你在云中进行任何更改在所有设备上,立刻!
- 上传链接 - 你的朋友上传自己的文件到您的帐户。您的文件夹,它们的内容。
- 自动上传 - 您的所有照片和视频到您的pCloud帐户自动备份。
- 离线访问 - 马克的文件为“最爱”,并利用它们,当你从互联网上断开。
- 没有文件大小限制 - 您可以上传全高清文件,而无需担心它们的大小。
- 无空间限制 - 开始的免费云存储10GB,并获得更多的与我们的高级订阅计划。
- 没有限速 - 添加,以最快的速度达到您的互联网服务提供商删除或共享照片,视频和文档。

- Better interface for inviting friends to folder
- Improved shared folders management
- Bug Fixes




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