Photozine - Magazine styled photo viewer FREE

Photozine - Magazine styled photo viewer FREE

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Who said only famous people can make it to the magazines?With PhotoZine, create a magazine style photo book with images from YOUR gallery and captions and stories written just by YOU.PhotoZine is a fun, stylish and creative way to put your photos together and just flip through them. Don't restrict those amazing vacation pics or those dream-come-true wedding pics or last night's crazy party pics to the same old photo gallery.Create a "photozine" for each of those wonderful occasions. We're sure it'll take you back there again.Customize the cover page. ( YOU decide who or what features on that cover)Choose layouts for the inside pages and place images wherever you want . Add titles and stories wherever you want to and voila! Your magazine is ready.Flip through it and show it off to your friends and family.Features-Create a PhotoZine and flip through it fluidly-Tap on individual images for full view-Vertical flip-add up to 1800+ images-create up to 30 PhotoZine( Photo Album )-Add caption for every image-Write a story for every image-Magazine style cover page-Different page layouts-Share images directly to app from the gallery-Allows you to add single or multiple images in one go-Tap on image to edit/add caption/rotate-option to disable ads.


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