Wifi Keyboard

Wifi Keyboard

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This is a Wifi-based remote control solution for an Android device (e.g. a set-top box, dongle, smart TV). The APK contains both the keyboard service for the set-top box (server) and the controller for the phone/tablet (client). The client simulates a TV remote control and a keyboard. CastOn Wifi Keyboard works seamlessly with CastOn Receiver DLNA/UPNP to provide a complete solution for phone/TV interaction.Key features:1, Control cursor movement using arrow keys2, Control media playback using media keys3, Support text input for the set-top box via the soft keyboard from your phone*4, Support voice typing (if the phone's keyboard allows)5, Connect automatically once the client launches. No setting to mud with* Use OK key (center round button) as Enter for text. The GO key in the soft keyboard only sends text to the remote device.Installation:1, install the APK on both the set-top box and the phone/tablet used as remote2, on the set-top box, set Wifi Keyboard as default input by going to Settings->Input & Language->Turn on Wifi Keyboard->Set default input to Wifi Keyboard3, Launch the client application on the phone. It will search and connect to the first Wifi keyboard service it finds in the local network. The control keys will light up once the connection is made.


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