Dr Bhatia PG Medical Course

Dr Bhatia PG Medical Course

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With learning content from the acclaimed Dr Bhatia's Medical Institute, this PG preparation application gives you complete NEET PG Medical preparation modules from Dr Bhatia's classes. Get high quality learning material built for studying on the go on your mobile phone and tablet.
Dr. Bhatia's content is updated based on the latest syllabus of the NEET PG Medical exam and covers all the topics that are present in the entrance exam.
A very handy tool for your entrance to AIIMS, JIMPER, PGIMER etc. Get the Dr Bhatia course and you are on your way to success in the NEET PG Medical entrance.
This course contains a sample chapter for each subject for free and the complete course (with access available on web also) available for INR 5,000.
随着学习的赞誉巴蒂亚医生的医学研究所的内容,这PG制剂应用程序使您从巴蒂亚博士的完整的类NEET PG医疗预处理模块。获得专为您的手机和平板电脑上的研究在旅途中高品质的学习材料。
巴蒂亚博士的内容是基于NEET PG医学考试最新考试大纲更新,涵盖了所有存在于联考的题目。
本课程包含每个对象的样品章自由和完整的​​课程(有可用的接入网络上也),可用于INR 5,000。

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