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Enhancements to the Transfer Funds service.
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Manage your money with ease anytime, anywhere with OCBC Mobile Banking. The OCBC Mobile Banking app has been redesigned with one key focus – to make your banking simpler.
OCBC Mobile Banking provides a simple and intuitive interface to a host of powerful features to take the hassle out of banking.
Some of the key features include:
- VIEW ACCOUNTS: Check if your salary has been credited on payday or if your cheque has cleared.
- TRANSFER FUNDS: Send money to anyone in Singapore or abroad.
With Pay Anyone, you can now also send money to anyone in Singapore through his/her mobile number, email or Facebook. No account information needed!
- PAY ANY CREDIT CARDS: Stop standing in line at the bill payment machines! Make payments for American Express, Diners Club and any banks’ VISA and MASTERCARD credit card bills with OCBC Mobile Banking.
- SCAN & PAY: Pay all your bills in a snap. Use the barcode scanner to take the hassle out of bill payment. Just scan the barcodes on your telco or utilities bills and pay immediately!
- SAVE FOR YOUR DREAMS: Fund the Savings Goals you have created on OCBC Online Banking.Track your savings goals easily on your Account Summary page.
- LOCATE OCBC: Find the nearest ATM or branch and check out our Sunday Banking branches too!
Don't have your OCBC Online Banking Access Code and PIN yet? Apply using the app, at any OCBC ATM or speak to our friendly Customer Service Executives. For enquiries, visit www.ocbc.com or call us at 1800 363 3333.
No OCBC account? Locate the nearest branch using Locate OCBC to open an account today!
管理你的钱轻松随时随地与华侨银行手机银行的任何地方。华侨银行手机银行应用程序进行了重新设计一个重点 - 让您的理财更简单。
- 查看账户:检查你的工资已计入在发薪日或者如果您的支票已被清除。
- 转移资金:汇款给任何人在新加坡或国外。
- 支付任何信用卡:停止排队在缴费机!付款美国运通,大来信用证及任何银行的Visa和MasterCard信用卡账单与华侨银行手机银行。
- 扫描和PAY:支付所有的帐单在瞬间完成。使用条形码扫描仪采取的麻烦出账单付款。只需扫描条形码上的电信公司或公用事业账单,并立即付款!
- 保存你的梦想:基金已经在华侨银行网上Banking.Track您的帐户摘要页面创建您的储蓄目标容易的储蓄目标。
- 找到华侨银行:找到最近的ATM或分支机构,并检查了我们的星期天银行分行呢!
没有您的华侨银行网上银行接入码和密码了吗?申请使用的应用程序,在任何华侨银行自动柜员机或对我们友好的客户服务人员说话。如有查询,请访问www.ocbc.com或致电1800 363 3333。

Enhancements to the Transfer Funds service.

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