Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes

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How often do we remember the school days and the rhymes our teachers taught us ? it is now time to teach your kids/ younger siblings the same nursery rhymes which have become such an important part of our memories and played a crucial role in our journey and development as an adult. So download this app and get rolling those beautiful rhymes and jingles and children songs that were once a part of our lives and pass it onto the younger generation as a legacy.The term called nursery rhymes is generally used for age old traditional poems and songs for young children in various countries, but their actual usage as nursery rhymes only dates from the late 18th/early 19th century and is still often used to impart important life lessons to kids via these rhymes and jingles.There have been many attempts, across the world, to revise nursery rhymes (along with jingles, fairy tales and popular children songs). Even in the late 18th century we can sometimes see how rhymes were cleaned up for a young audience and made relevant to their understanding of the world and bridge the generation time gap. So just download this app and watch nursery rhymes along with your children or with younger siblings and sing along these wonderful children songs and rhymes and create memories for the latest generation. You can rest assured about the picture quality and the quality of content. All the nursery rhymes included in this app have been handpicked to suit your child's needs and the app has been made according to the recent rhymes collection that are popular among kids these days.So sit back and relax while your kid has a wonderful time learning and enjoying with this app. Do review us or drop us a mail in case you want any modifications in the app or if you have any useful suggestions for us.Disclaimer: This app indexes videos uploaded on YouTube in a convenient way. All the videos available are publicly shared on YouTube and we have not uploaded any content ourselves. You can mail us if you own any content and want it to be removed.


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