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Candy Candie

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Rates Revision Kindly take note that due to the changes made by the App Store in Japan on Oct 18th, rates for items that are sold in the game for both iOS and Android has been revised. Price Revision for App store are made by Apple. We sincerely apologize that we were unable to annouce before this revision has taken place. If you are a candy-lover who can’t resist sweet treats AND an avid player of slot machine and candy-pushing games, Candy Candie could be your new best friend! Filled with awesome visual treats and sound effects, be sure to download and own this engaging and addictive game!From the makers of the smash hit Coin Pirates, which has more than one million downloads today, Candy Candie is set to follow in the footsteps of its successful predecessor! With endless hours of fun, you wouldn't want to miss out when other girls are snapping up this game!Drop colourful candies onto the candy counter today to push for special gifts in gorgeously wrapped gift boxes or simply drop the candies into the 2 cute muffin-shaped slots to activate the jackpot for more surprise treats!Featuring:·Dazzling and colourful candy graphics that look real enough to eat·Authentic slot machine and arcade game sound effects·A wide variety of special gifts and treats to win and collect·Jackpot challenge when you hit 777 consecutively for a certain number of times; more surprise prizes await!Be in and have some candy-licious fun today!==============================Incompatible devices==============================-Motorola Backflip-HTC HERO-Samsung Galaxy 3


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