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Letris 2

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Do you like word puzzles? Letris 2 provides an awesome twist on the puzzles you are used to! Three completely different modes will keep you playing for hours! Do you like the relaxed games where you can try to create long words without pressure? Then try the calming WordMatrix mode. You'll be trying to remove as many letters from a full board with no time constraint! Do you like solving enigmas? Acronymus is the word puzzle for you. You'll be given a few letters to make words out of, and you must use all of the letters. If those don't suit you, then try the try pass all of the levels on the classic Letris mode! The goal in Letris mode is to build words in order to keep the screen clean and tidy as long as possible. It's a simple concept that will catch you with frenetic gameplay as letters fall form the top of the board (similar to Tetris®), all while you're trying to keep the board clear and move on to the next level! On top of all of that, if you have a tablet, you'll be able to play split screen multiplayer in two different ways! In Duel mode, the letters from every word you spell will be thrown across to your opponents screen, making it really difficult for them to keep their screen clear of letters! Endurance mode is similar to the classic Letris mode, but you'll be trying to outlast your opponent! All game modes support English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Catalan and Portuguese! 你喜欢填字游戏? Letris 2提供了一个扭曲的难题你是用来真棒!三个完全不同的模式,将让你玩几个小时! 你喜欢轻松的游戏,在这里你可以尝试创造长期无压力的话吗?然后尝试平静WordMatrix模式。你会试图删除尽可能多的字母从一个完整的板,没有时间约束! 你喜欢解谜? Acronymus你的文字解谜。你会得到几个字母组成字的,你必须使用所有的字母。 如果那些不适合你,然后尝试尝试通过所有的水平经典Letris模式!我们的目标是建立以保持屏幕干净整洁,尽可能长的话在Letris模式。这是一个简单的概念,会抓住你,狂热的游戏字母下跌形成顶部板(类似于俄罗斯方块®),所有,当你试图保持板清除,并移动到一个新的水平! 所有这一切,如果你有一个平板电脑,你就可以在两种不同的方式,能够起到分割画面多人!在决斗模式中,从每一个单词的字母拼写将被抛出跨到你的对手的屏幕,真的很难让他们保持画面清晰的字母!耐力模式是类似到经典的Letris的模式,但你会想拖垮你的对手! 所有的游戏模式,支持英语,西班牙语,法语,德语,意大利语,加泰罗尼亚语和葡萄牙语!


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