Tattoo Cam

Tattoo Cam

★★★★★ Version 3.1 ★★★★★
➤ Google Play Services implemented
➤ Android Lollipop support
➤ Code small improvements
➤ Bugs fixes
★★★ Hate ads, like tats?!? Go Pro now and get rid of ads!!! ★★★
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★ Tattoo Cam ★
Tattoo Cam lets you try new tattoo designs without any pain in a singly touch! Make your own virtual Tattoo making studio! Just choose your tattoo design, take a shot and check it out inside app gallery. Add new tattoos to your images and don't forget to share your new body art image!
●●● Features ●●●
✔ Autofocus
✔ 8 different categories
✔ More than 251 designs
✔ Usage statistics
✔ Add new tattoo function
✔ Drag, rotate and zoom tattoos
✔ Ink gun sound
✔ Android Camera
✔ In-app gallery
✔ Zoom, Delete and Share photos inside gallery
✔ All photos saved on SD card
✔ Share options
✔ Simple and easy to use UI
✔ LED (compatible devices only)
✔ Animated layouts
✔ More features to go soon...
✔ All features are completely FREE !!
Discover the world of body art with virtual Tattoo Cam app by Nightinart. The real-time tattoo camera gives you possibility to try different tattoo models in a different size and any place of your body. Show off your friends or your parents with your brand new tattoo.
You can share your brand new tattoo images via: AllShare, Bluetooth, Cymera, Drive, Email, Facebook, Gmail, Google+, Instagram, Messaging, Photo editor, Picasa, Social Hub, Twitter, WhatsApp, Wi-Fi Direct and any other social or messaging service you have installed on your device.
●●● Categories ●●●
★ Animals
★ Dragons
★ Japanese
★ Mixed
★ Symbols
★ Thai
★ Tribals
★ Others
Use main menu "empty" camera or your own photos and then "tune" them all through "Add Tattoo" feature. Drag, move, zoom and tattoo limitless designs on your body without any quality loss (android 4.1 (JB) and newer devices (Jelly Bean)) and then share'em on our Facebook fan page wall ...but before like us ;)
————— PERMISSIONS ——————
As we use camera and SD-card feature, they need some permissions to work well:
● ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE:(required for ads).
● CAMERA: Required to be able to access the camera device.
● INTERNET:(required for ads).
● FLASHLIGHT: Allows access to the flashlight.
● VIBRATE: Allows access to the vibrator.
● WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Used to store images in SD
*Disclaimer: All tattoo designs used in this app are believed to be in public domain. If you own rights to any of the tattoo designs, and do not wish them to appear here, please contact us at: and they will be promptly removed in the next version of the application.
Only for android,
Enjoy it!
通过“添加刺青”功能使用主菜单中的“空”相机或您自己的照片,然后在“调”他们。拖动,移动,缩放和纹身我们的Facebook粉丝页面墙https://www.facebook.com无限的设计对你的身体没有任何质量损失(安卓4.1(JB)和较新的设备(果冻豆)),然后share'em / Nightinart ......但在此之前我们一样;)
----- ------ PERMISSIONS

★★★★★ Version 3.1 ★★★★★
➤ Google Play Services implemented
➤ Android Lollipop support
➤ Code small improvements
➤ Bugs fixes
★★★ Hate ads, like tats?!? Go Pro now and get rid of ads!!! ★★★

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