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v15.4: Crash fix
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NOTE: Per The LEGO® Group's request, starting with v11.0, Minifig Collector no longer scans barcodes or displays bumpcodes. LEGO® and the LEGO® logo are trademarks of the LEGO® Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this app.
Minifig Collector helps you collect and organize your LEGO® Collectible Minifigs. Minifig Collector has high-resolution images of all of the Series 1-13, The LEGO Movie, The Simpsons and Team GB minifigs. You can keep track of which ones you have, which ones you need, and even which ones you have in your hand at the store.
- Browse all of the Minifig images for each Series.
- View high-resolution images.
- Keep track of which Minifigs you Have or Want.
- Import and Export your Minifigs to Brickset.
The app is supported by ads. You can turn them off in the Preferences.
Minifig收集器可帮助您收集和整理您的乐高珍藏Minifigs。 Minifig收集了所有的系列1-13,乐高电影,辛普森和Team GB minifigs的高清晰度图像。你可以跟踪哪些你有,你需要它的人,甚至你有你的手哪些在店里。
- 浏览所有Minifig图像的每个系列。
- 查看高分辨率的图像。
- 跟踪哪些Minifigs您拥有或想要的。
- 导入和导出您Minifigs到Brickset。

v15.4: Crash fix

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