Santa Booooly

Santa Booooly

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★Million Seller puzzle game Booooly, now released new upgrade version 'SantaBooooly' for Christmas season★ Best brain puzzle game Booooly is newly updated for Christmas season. For the Christmas season, Christmas Carol, snowy back ground image for winter, and Special character 'SantaBooooly is added for this version. 'SantaBooooly': when below 3 booolies is sticking together, you can blast them on the screen by touching Santa booolies. SantaBooooly is powerful one, if you touch when 3 or more SantaBooooly are sticking together, you may blast its double boooolies. Now, let’s play super addicted puzzle game booooly's new update version. Booooly is a highly explosive game that has been featured in the Top 100 of 39 countries! ---------------------------------------------- TiPb.COM - TiPb Pick of the week. -\"Booooly is a fun little puzzle game that is very entertaining and I would suggest it to anyone looking simply to pass some time.\" APPADVICE.COM - Must Buy. Changing the Match-Three Genre. (4.5/5.0) ?“ Booooly! is one of the best match three games in the App Store with a wonderful chaining mechanism and outstanding multiplayer. It has great production values, and the gameplay is second to none in the genre.” ---------------------------------------------- Booooly has been featured in the Top 100 Games/Puzzle Categories in 39 Countries! -#3 top download in Taiwan -#4 top download in South Korea -#6 top download in China -#6 top download in Hong Kong and more! -Top 100 download Games/Puzzle Category in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Macau, Poland, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Hungary, Philippines, UAE, Indonesia, Romania, Kuwait, and Portugal. -Top 200 download in Games/Puzzle Category in the UK, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Turkey, Spain, Israel, Denmark, and Greece. ---------------------------------------------- Description: Booooly is a highly explosive puzzle game for the iPhone 3G/3GS/4 and iPod ®Touch. Transcending the predictable match-three puzzle genre, Booooly challenges Players to make a match-four. Players must strategically find ways to eliminate the largest number of the same colored balls while juggling, every few seconds, newly plummeting Booooly balls. An intuitive physics engine of weighted balls realistically determines how they roll, bounce and fall in place adding to Booooly’s dynamic gameplay. As the Player progresses, new missions and challenging bonuses with a mixture of new colors, bad booooly’s and bombs will relentlessly test the Player’s agility and ability to adjust their strategy. ---------------------------------------------- Feature Highlights: Eye-catching game design with animated colors and vivid smiley expressions Intuitive physics engine of weighted Booooly’s balls test Player’s strategy Dozens of challenging missions and bonuses Dynamic fast-paced action and methodical puzzling gameplay 20 Achievements Addictive gameplay with high replay value Suitable for players of all ages keyword : booooly, boooly, booly, boly, game, enjoy, Christmas, puzzle, family, Match


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