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App Lock and Gallery Vault

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Wish you could simply lock all your private apps on your smart phone with just one click? Are you tired of strangers looking at your personal images and videos? Are you fed-up of using useless apps that do little or nothing to protect your personal content on your smart phone? Fret not; App Lock & Gallery Vault does everything you could want and then some. It safeguards your personal photos and videos using encryption. In addition, you can lockdown any application on your smart phone in a matter of seconds. Its secure interface lets you view your sensitive photos and videos within a secure environment. In addition, you can easily backup all your locked photos and videos to your DropBox account, in a nutshell; it’s all you need to safeguard your privacy on your smart phone. FEATURES:• Lock your private apps in three different ways.• Protect private photos• Hide sensitive videos• Fast encryption and decryption• Backup locked photos and videos to DropBox account• Slideshow support• Time scale view of the secured photos & videos• Record video or take photo from the app’s interface • Multiple unhide, import and move options• Create personalized albums • Organize photos and videos in multiple albums• Easily recover previously deleted data from Secure Photo Gallery• Three security credentials (Password, PIN & Pattern)• Decoy Mode (fake user)• Panic Switch (Shake, Flick or Place palm on screen)• Secure Browser (browsing and downloading history remains secret)• Brute force attack prevention• Multiple themes• Takes images on unauthorized login attempts• Import options:• Import from the gallery• Capture photos & videos from camera• Download photos & videos from Secure Browser• Video Player:• Watch private videos discreetly with built in player• Security Options:• Hacker Deterrents• Decoy Mode (Fake Login)• Brute force attack prevention• Takes images of unauthorized users • Backup of credentialsNote: App Lock & Gallery Vault guarantees you that all your files are stored only in your phone and we do not have access to any of your content.This app locks down your applications, safeguards personal pictures and videos, especially, when you hand over your device to somebody else and you want to keep those files hidden from others.For more information visit


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