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Name That Plane

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Test and improve your knowledge of military and civil aviation with this fun and addictive trivia game. Features around 2500 images of almost 800 aircraft ranging from the Wright Flyer to aircraft currently in development. Now features categories including: civil, military, helicopter, jet, prop, WWII, Vietnam War and many others from the full version that will be periodically rotated such as mach 3+, VTOL, amphibious, biplane, drone, experimental, etc. Please note that an internet connection is required for the first use to load some images.Civilian aircraft include light general purpose aircraft, airliners, cargo / transport / utility planes, flying boats, company jets and helicopters. Military birds include the famous and some not so well known air superiority fighters, strike fighters, ground attack and troop support birds, strategic and stealth bombers, tankers, airborne early warning, spy, and much more. About a third of the airplanes in the application are jet warbirds. For those of you that are still confused about what this application is: It is a simple and easy to use image based aircraft identification game. This app is not a flight simulator, and will not perform the following tasks: find drink recipes, wash your clothes, make you breakfast, walk your dog, etc.Helicopters include:observation and light dutygeneral utility such as Blackhawk, Huey, Lynxground attack such as Apache, Hind, Cobraanti submarine heavy lift such as Chinook, Super Stallion, Sky CraneFighters include:multi-wing craft of WWI, the inter-war period, and early WWII including the red Barons Focker. single wing piston engine and jet powered fighters of World War 2the first practical jet dog fighters such as the Mig-15 and F-86 who faced off against each other in the skies over Korea.****** Game play info2 Tap one of the four multiple-choice answers. If you are correct, the answer that you selected will be green, and the three others will be white.If your are not correct, your answer will be red and the right answer will be green, and the remaining two will still be white.** Score Calculation (for those interested in dominating the leader board)Your score is calculated from 3 variables:


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