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Paint nails, give manicures and let your creativity run wild as you make nail art in Sally’s Nail Salon! Sally’s Nail Salon has the most elite clientele. Create the most fabulous nail art designs as you paint nails for the biggest stars, soon-to-be brides and teenage fashionistas. Prove yourself as a design artist and make the most beautiful finger nail designs ever. With the Christmas and winter holidays closing in, Sally is finding it hard to cope with the increasing number of customers coming into her salon every day. Can you help Sally with her salon and keep the business running smoothly? Choose from an extensive range of nail polishes to paint nails with and nearly a hundred of nail art designs and decorative add-ons. Get paid for every nail art design you make, and unlock even better cosmetics and add-ons to paint and decorate nails with the money you earn. Stick to a fashion style or a theme when creating your nail art designs and give makeovers to their nails. Don’t just prove to Sally and yourself that you’re a great nail artist; show your skills to the world! Share your nail art designs over Facebook, or save them to your phone gallery for reference! ★ FEATURES:----------------------✔ Tons of nail polishes, with real world likenesses✔ Scores of decorations and nail arts to make your nail designs stand out✔Special Christmas and winter themed decorations ✔ Several unlockable items within the in-game store✔ Earn coins for every nail design, and use them for in-game purchases✔ Share your designs with friends over Facebook✔ Save your nail art designs to your phone for future reference Sally’s Nail Salon is brought to you by Nutty Apps – makers of the top dress up and make up games like: Sally’s Makeover, Sally’s hair salon and Sally’s makeup.NOTE:App supports Android 2.2(Froyo) to Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean.TAGS: Dress up, make up, makeover, design, art 油漆指甲,美甲,让你的创造力像脱缰的野马,当你在Sally的美甲沙龙美甲! Sally的的美甲沙龙有最精锐的客户。创建最精彩的美甲设计,为你画指甲最大的明星,即将成为新娘和十几岁的时尚达人。证明自己作为一个设计艺术家,有史以来最美丽的指甲设计。 随着圣诞节和冬季假期结束,莎莉发现难以应付越来越多的客户进入她的沙龙每天。你能帮助莎莉和她的沙龙和保持业务平稳运行? 选择从一个广泛的指甲抛光,画指甲和近百个美甲的设计和装饰的附加元件。获得支付每美甲设计,制造,解锁更好的化妆品和附加油漆和装饰钉的钱,你赚。坚持一个时尚的风格或主题创建你的指甲艺术设计改头换面,并给自己的指甲。 不要只是证明Sally和你自己,你是一个伟大的指甲艺术家,向世界展示你的技能!通过Facebook分享你的指甲艺术设计,或将它们保存到您的手机图库,以供参考! ★特点:----------------------✔吨的指甲抛光,与现实世界的模样✔成绩的装饰和美甲艺术,使您的指甲设计脱颖而出✔特别圣诞节和冬季主题装饰✔在游戏中的商店内的几个解开项目✔赚取金币,每钉的设计,并使用他们在游戏中购买✔通过Facebook与朋友分享您的设计✔保存您的美甲设计到您的手机,以备将来参考 Sally的美甲沙龙为您带来的由肥佬应用程序 - 制造商的顶级礼服和化妆游戏,如:Sally的改造,莎莉的美发沙龙和Sally的妆。注意:应用支持Android 2.2(升级Froyo)的Andr​​oid 4.x的冰淇淋三明治和软糖。标签:装扮,化妆,化妆,设计,艺术



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