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Your Top Apps are just a click away !For My Top Apps user guide visit Top Apps helps you find your most used apps.Tired of having so many apps that you rarely use and are just "in the way" when you try to find your favorite apps ? Are you constantly changing apps shortcuts on your home page ?This app is all about making your life easier by adapting your apps use habits and organize your apps by its usage.My Top Apps monitors the apps that you use and provides quick access to the apps you used recently (Last-Recently-Used) or most used apps (Most-Recently-Used).My Top Apps offers a launcher-style view, details view or a timeline view of the apps you use.You can also take advantage of My Top Apps widgets so you will never have to customize your home page with your favorite apps !Tried it ? liked it ? My Top Apps PRO has a lot more to offer.Keywords: MyTopApps, My Top Apps, Organize, Organizer, MRU, LRU, Most Used Apps


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