Bubble Wars

Bubble Wars

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Bubble Wars应用介绍:

The not so usual bubble shooter.

Navigate your bubble ship through bubble world. Explore and kill a wide range of complex bubble creatures. Collect bubbles to grow and evolve. On each evolution step you will get new weapons and special abilities. Bubble Wars is influenced by games like Spore and Flow.

Feature list:

* nice Opengl graphics
* multiple control methods
* evolving ship
* many different weapons and enemies
* updates on a regular basis

If you like games like Pew Pew or Tank Hero you should give this game a chance.

Bubble Wars is very action-heavy, for a good gaming experience a fast device with around 1 GHz is recommended.

This is an early version. The game will be updated with new enemies, evolution steps and weapons on a regular basis. Your feedback is much appreciated and will be considered for the future development of this game.


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