Bacteria War

Bacteria War

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Bacteria War应用介绍:

Follow us on Facebook: from the men’s eyes, countless armies of bacteries fights in a secret and never-ending battle. Merciless to enemies and helpful to friends, they capturing new territories, because only the most adaptable wins in the battle of evolution. Lead these bacteries evolve and enhance them, define your unique strategy of war against enemy’s microorganisms and bring them to victory by capturing whole Inner World.This real and dynamic game allows diving into a world of unknown and untypical battles. There are no tanks or planes or even armored knights. You will fight with the tentacles and your target will be another microorganisms. Each bacteria grows and develops. Whenever a bacteria gets enough foods and stays for awhile from the battle, it evolves in a new and more dangerous form. The bigger bacteria is, the stronger it becomes: it could devour powerful enemy’s bacteries and assists friendly bacteries. Major weapon of each bacteria is tentacles. With their help bacteries captures neutral cells and attacks hostile cells. Bacteries that evolve better could produce an amount of tentacles.


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